Full-stack development focused on decentralization

Blockchain, DLT and Smart Contracts are today's buzzwords of choice in the global business landscape, going far beyond the financial sector alone. While there's still a lot of talking and relatively little practical realization in the area, decentralization will gain more and more importance in the near future. With more than four years of experience in this young field and multiple realized projects, PJOTR is your point of reference for all things decentral.

Logos of the technologies we work with.

Stay ahead of the game

It's hard these times to keep up with all the latest technology stacks, especially if you need that valuable time to develop your business and to focus on core responsibilities. PJOTR will lift this weight off your shoulders and guide you through the process of becoming more digitally flexible. We'll interactively have a look at the current technology stack, identify parts that could be optimized and finally select the technologies perfectly tailored to your needs, with real added value to your business. This operation will be three-fold, characterized by genuine and relevant advice, high-quality implementation and long-term support. All of this without you having to worry about suspending a single business process.

Creative design of a compass made from a church located in the centre of Leuven.

Ready for a fully customized web experience?

Nothing convinces customers as much as a beautiful user interface or inspiring design choices. Characteristics of PJOTR's design language are minimalism, surrealism and touches of nature. Design is all about the unexpected and renewal, about being surprised and, ultimately, being inspired. It often comes down to the experience of some sort of tension or contrast. What particularly interests me is the duality between structure and chaos found in nature. I like to play with the border between what's natural, or what feels natural, and what doesn't. You may call it Natural Design. Add the secret creative ingredient to the technical skills to implement it and you'll end up with PJOTR.

Profile picture of Pieter Noyens, Founder of PJOTR.

About me

Hi, I'm Pieter from Belgium! Let me give you some background about myself. I've always been fascinated by technology, especially when it's being applied in the most divergent possible fields of industry. Back in 2011 I started a study in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the KU Leuven in Flanders, followed by a master's degree in Bioinformatics. Today, I've contributed to several blockchain proof-of-concepts and other innovative projects in the fast-evolving world of IT. My personal ambition is to combine the true power of Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Ledger Technology. As an illustration of my professional experience, you'll find below an overview of DLT solutions I've extensively worked with the last couple of years. Don't hesitate to reach out in case you want to see your digital ambitions come true!

Logos of the blockchain platforms we have worked with in the past.